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Follow up of "The only SSH server in Japan is down."

asked Mar 25 in FastSSH by anonymous
As of 2020-03-24 17:30 GMT, this server is down again, and when I click the "check" or "restart/fix" at it shows: : Request timeout, Probably server is OFFLINE.
Please report this issue to Administrator

I'm not sure when it will be restored this time, so please make sure it can be restored as soon as possible. Thanks.
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answered Mar 25 by vba (13,570 points)
the server is down because there are members break rules with downloading torrent using this server, I'm not sure how long till we can restore it again.
commented Mar 25 by anonymous
Thanks for your reply. According to your previous reply at , will you add more mirror servers at the end of this month?
commented Mar 25 by vba (13,570 points)
let us decide about this later, because the issue not from DC, this server down because of users.
commented Mar 25 by vba (13,570 points)
we have added a new mirror and trying to restore the old one