All the 3 servers,, and are down.

asked Jan 30 in FastSSH by anonymous
3 out of 5 SSH severs in Europe are down and cannot be connected:,, and Is it because the bandwidth or data limit has been used up for January, and you have to wait until Feb. 1st to reset or restore these servers? Please let me know the estimated date when you can restore them. Thank you!

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answered Jan 30 by herito (12,320 points)
Thank you for using our services.
We apologize for the inconvenience, we will notify you here, if the server has completed maintenance.
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answered Jan 30 by vba (13,770 points)
hi, I'm trying to restore the server, the faster I can do is restore one of them within 4 hrs.
the bandwidth of the servers is fine but some users abuse the server by using them as email spammers.
commented Feb 1 by anonymous
Many thanks! I can see that is now restored. Do you have a plan to restore any 1 of the 2 servers in the Netherlands, and
commented Feb 1 by vba (13,770 points)
yes, I'm working on it, please wait
commented Feb 3 by anonymous
Thanks! Any estimated date when you can restore them?
commented Feb 3 by vba (13,770 points)
I will replace the servers for awhile and get those servers back after a week.